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Pallet Versatility !

Getting Creative with Pallets

Getting creative with pallets may sound crazy but it is not as difficult as you may think. There is never a shortage of pallets going spare in this area so we always have plenty of ‘stock on hand’ to work our magic on. All it takes is a little time, patience, the usual woodworking tools and a splash of paint or wood stain.

Over the past months we have created a huge selection of wedding props, cake stands and signage for various weddings. As our show room and store room are now full to bursting I think it is time to slow down on our pallet projects for a little while and instead share some of our favourite pallet creations with you.

Cupcake 3 tier Stand

Shabby Chic Pallet Cupcake Stand
Shabby Chic Pallet Cupcake Stand

Cupcake Display Stand

Pallet Cupcake Display
Pallet Cupcake Display

Cake stand – great for cheese cake and naked cakes

Naked mini wedding cake
Naked mini wedding cake

Blackboard signs

Pallet Blackboard
Pallet Blackboard

Signs & Table plans

Pallet Signs & Table Plan
Pallet Signs & Table Plan

Have a go at making them yourself they are not difficult, or alternatively if you prefer, simply hire them from us for your wedding here in Spain. Contact us at for more details and information. Or check out our website for more ideas and inspiration.

Real Wedding Snippets

Charlie & Jo – Wedding June 5th 2017

Corresponding via email with Charli for some months prior, to finalise her wedding cake design and details had all been quite straight foward. The cake tasting only took place a week before their wedding, meeting Jo & Charli for the first time was an absolute pleasure, they were such a lovely couple. The flavours Charli & Jo chose for their cake were our delicious coconut sponge with a lime cream for one tier and a red velvet and raspberry for the other tiers.

The wedding was due to take place at Cortijo de Los Caballos a rare gem of a venue – a former equestrian centre oozing with plenty of character, lush gardens and charm. Charli was keen for her cake to compliment her wedding venue thus decided upon a rustic floral four tier creation, decorated with buttercream rather than fondant icing, trimmed with fresh roses and plenty of greenery.

floral rustic wedding cake
floral rustic wedding cake

An array of delightful signs and props adding to the charm and character of this venue.

Your Wedding Cake Table

Edible Inspiration for Your wedding Cake Table

Cake tables are one of the latest edible trends at weddings this year. By opting for  a smaller cake and adding one or two other edible treats gives your guests a little more choice without blowing the budget. The cake table cane then be decorated with lots of pretty props which could include absolutely anything from candle sticks and photo frames to vintage suitcases, radios or typewriters.!  What ever your choice of decoration we will ensure your table looks fabulous and will be certain to get your guests talking and nibbling!

So if you are thinking along these lines and are interested in having a cake table at your wedding the here are one or two mouth watering ideas to tantalise your taste buds. For more ideas take a look at our website

Chocolate Malteser and Marshmallow Crunch – for those with a sweet tooth.

Cake table - choc bisc and malteser
Cake table – choc bisc and malteser

Raspberry & White Chocolate Cookies – so more-ish!

Cake Table Raspberry & White Choc Cooki
Cake Table Raspberry & White Choc Cooki

Colourful Macarons – a classic french treat

Cake Table - Macarons
Cake Table – Macarons

Lemon Flapjack – combining the sweet and sour, delicious

Cake Table - Lemon Flapjack
Cake Table – Lemon Flapjack

Cakepops – always a favourite

Cake Table - Cakepops
Cake Table – Cakepops

For the young at heart these cheeky chaps

Cake table - Gingerbread Men
Cake table – Gingerbread Men


9 Reasons Why?

9 Reasons why you should choose a professional cake maker to make your wedding cake for you

O.K. so you may be managing your budget and have decided to make your own cake, but be very careful should you decide you want to choose a d.i.y. wedding cake. Here are 9 reasons why you should consider choosing a professional cake maker to make your cake for you:-

1.) Where are you planning on making the cake, do you have ample oven, fridge and work space?

2.) Does the kitchen have a ‘Sanidad Certificate? Most hotels will not allow cakes to be consumed on their premises if the cakes are made in a kitchen without one!

3.) Who will deliver and set the cake up?

4.) Can you manage cake making, decorating and delivering in the extreme Spanish heat with all your other wedding preparations?

5.) Sourcing your supplies as sugarcraft supplies are not readily available in supermarkets here like they are in the UK.

6.) Does your cake need and if yes, do you have a cake stand?

7.) Don’t forget cakes that sit on top of one another need to be supported internally with dowels so the cake does not collapse – are you confident you can do this?

8.) Do you have guests with specific dietary requirements or allergies that need to be catered for?

9.) Do you have enough time in your hectic pre wedding schedule to devote to cake making and decorating, after all this is not a quick fix option?

Are you confident that you can really create a wedding cake showstopper or will it be more a case of wedding cake disaster?  Think very carefully before embarking upon this challenge it may seem like a good idea at the start but it may well be a case of false economy and turn out to be a very costly, stressful & disappointing exercise.




Real Wedding Snippets

Lois & Nat – 1st June

Lois and Nat celebrated their wedding in the lush tropical gardens of Casa De Los Bates yesterday, a charming venue bursting with character just a 20 min drive from Nerja.

Lois adopted a shabby chic look for her wedding and chose a semi naked cake to compliment her wedding theme. The cake was decorated with fresh raspberry ripple fluffy roses and babys breath.:-

Semi naked wedding cake
Semi naked wedding cake

A bicycle made for flowers one of the pretty garden props at this wedding.

Lois Curren bike

If you need to get a hat… then get ‘ahead’ or so the saying goes !!!- another great wedding idea to keep those ravaging rays at bay.Lois Curren hats

Its a little..Cheesy

Wedding Cheese Cakes

You could say that we have had a pretty cheesy our wedding cheese cakes have certainly been a popular choice over the past few days.

They are a great idea if you are looking for something to feed your guests with later on in the evening when they are feeling that bit peckish – saving you the additional cost of paying for a late night snack!

Don’t be put off by thinking that a cheese cake will not compliment your wedding style. Our cheese towers can be decorated with fruit, roses, greenery, grapes, hessian, lace, the list is endless – check out this link to our cheeses page on our website  and find a huge selection of cheese cake styles and decoration ideas.

We offer an interesting cheese selection for you to choose from with something to suit most tastes:-

Wensleydale with cranberries or with mango & orange

Creamy Manchego Infused with Rosemary – this creamy mature is packed with flavour, the distinctive rosemary infusion is exquisite.

Various Traditional Manchego cheeses. These cheeses are very similar to an English cheddar ranging from a mild and creamy to the more mature extremely palatable manchegos.

Danish Blue Cheese this strong smelly yet melt in your mouth cheese is not for the faint hearted.

English Stilton Another strong smelly cheese – a great option for cheese lovers

Brie This is a soft creamy off-white or yellow cheese with an edible rind, best eaten at room temperature so the cheese is soft and squidgy.

Some recent cheesy highlights for you to savour !


Stunning Beach Weddings

Beach Wedding Venues

So,… you’re getting married in Spain and are now deciding upon your venue..mmmm choices , choices, choices… as there are truly so many stunning venues to choose from over here, ranging from luxury private villas, historical haciendas to charming cortijos ..and although I have visited some breathtaking locations I feel that if you are going to celebrate your wedding out here in Spain, then choose a venue that you will be unable to have in the U.K. – A beach side wedding!

What could be a better way to say your ‘I do’s’ as your guests silently sip their sangria whilst soaking up the sun. There is simply no other place within such a short distance from the U.K. that can offer these dream locations. With a choice of flights from any number of UK airports you can hop on a flight and be here within 3 hours, perfect!

Let us style the venue for you, by opting for one of our cake & decoration packages that we can tailor to suit your chosen beach wedding location.  Visit our website for ideas and inspiration.

Below, – A snapshot of some of the fabulous beach side venues available in Southern Spain.

Sarah & Raymond chose Salduna Beach, Marbella as their wedding location where guests sat so close to the beach the sea was almost tickling their toes!

Salduna Beach - Table Centres
Salduna Beach – Table Centres

Luna Beach was the beach side location for Sheena and Dave this week.

Luna Beach
Luna Beach

Elviria Beach Resort Marbella, the choice of Becca & Matt.

Elviria Beach Resort
Elviria Beach Resort

Nerja Beach Hotel Location

Nerja - Beach Location
Nerja – Beach Location

Beach themed wedding cupcakes and flipflop favours

Real Wedding Snippets

A few snippets on this hot May afternoon from this beach side location in Nerja. One of the many perfect locations for wedding couples to tie the knot here in Spain.

The bride chose creams and soft blush pinks for her bridal bouquet, and colour scheme which were carried through to the cupcakes and table centres.

Delicious cupcakes made in a selection of tempting flavours, red velvet, vanilla sponge and salted caramel, classic victoria, raspberry and white chocolate and chocolate biscuit cake.

Wedding Cupcakes
Wedding Cupcakes

The table centres were an eclectic mix simple yet pretty jars and bottles filled with baby’s breath, gerbera and roses.

Table Centres
Table Centres

A table plan displayed in the grassy cocktail area informed guests where they were sitting:-

Table Plan Ladders
Table Plan Ladders

For more edible inspiration please feel free to peruse our website

Back to Nature

The Natural ‘Look’

A top trending cake decorating theme that is becoming increasingly popular this year is the more ‘natural’ wedding cake look. Not only is this a hot trend it is also a very cost effective way in which to decorate your cake.

Natural Wedding Cake
Natural Wedding Cake

A recent very simple yet beautiful cake we made for Daniel and Amy’s wedding last week highlighted perfectly the way in which local fauna which grows in abundance here together with a little imagination, can create a stunning cake.

If you are planning a wedding cake with this style in mind here are a few tips regarding suitable greenery that can be sourced and used for your cake or even  your venue.

Olive: The olive tree indigenous to this part of Spain is available in abundance. The colour of the leaf is a greyish green which makes this a good choice to decorate a cake providing back ground texture and colour. Harvested at the end of the summer the foliage will be covered with olives really adding character to any decoration.

Eucalyptus: The species of eucalyptus found in Spain provide dark grey/green leaves that provide excellent foliage in flower arrangements and cake decorating.Eucalyptus

Silk Tree: The fern type leaves of this tree are long and elegant providing soft green textured feel.fern

Rosemary: A woody herb with lots of small soft dark green needles adds wonderful texture when used to decorate a cake or cake table. It smells heavenly too.Rosemary

Spanish Broom: This wispy tree like shrub is a great option if you are wanting to fill space, it is ideal for decorating around the base of the cake.broom

Lavender: With or without the purple flower this soft attractive green leaved herb is certainly my choice for cake and venue particularly with its distinct aroma.


If you require any help or advice for your choice of cake decoration please do not hesitate to contact us on our contact page at

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