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January 2016

Upcycled Wedding Props

‘Upcycling’ – the current buzz word, that to many of of us is better known as recycling, is an increasingly popular trend, particularly when it comes to weddings. So much so, that we too have been busy taking part in this ever popular phenomena.

When a friend of ours recently announced it was time to replace the windows of his lovely old village house it seemed too good an opportunity to miss. We rescued his old window frames with attached shutters and gave them the make over they were crying out for – and voila! – we now have the lovely old frames (shown in the photo above), that make a fabulous decorative wedding prop, particularly at a rustic / vintage themed wedding.

Our little chair was kindly passed onto us via friends from the local village bar. After using several gallons of paint stripper, a couple of coats of paint and a little t.l.c, we transformed our little chair into a wonderful prop. It can be used at weddings as a charming stand for wedding fans, petal cones, parasols or perhaps even your for wedding cake.

If you would like more ideas and inspiration for your wedding here in Spain, then come along & visit our shop ‘Boda Boutique’ in Velez-Malaga or contact us via email or FB -Wedding Cakes In Spain.


Birthday Ladies

Today’s birthday cake with an orange cream filling made especially for the Arenas birthday Ladies. I hope you enjoyed and had a lovely afternoon.

Rey Del Mar (King of the Sea) – Diego

diego (2)

Todays birthday cake for Diego was designed to reflect his job as a local fisherman – Rey del Mar. Enjoy your cake Diego and have a ‘Feliz Cumpleaño’.

Fabulous Flavours for 2016

Today was yet another exciting opportunity to meet up with a lovely couple who have travelled all the way from the States, to visit their proposed wedding venue and discuss their wedding cake details with me. They sampled some of our refreshing new cake flavours for 2016 together with other popular favourites – zingy lemon and raspberry & white chocolate. After much deliberation they happily decided to have their cake made from one of our new flavours – orange and cranberry with orange cream filling…mmmmh I love this one too!

We have also introduced several other flavours that we would like to tempt you with:-

Coconut sponge with lime buttercream,  caramelised apple with caramel fudge, vanilla sponge with mango & cream filling, pineapple sponge with pineapple & coconut cream filling, carrot and mango with cream cheese filling, chocolate fudge with dark chocolate chips and peppermint cream.

If you like the sound of these or indeed any of our existing flavour choices – which can be found on our website – and would like to arrange a cake tasting session then please do not hesitate to contact us via email;, FB ‘Wedding Cakes In Spain’ or by visiting our cake showroom Boda Boutique, here in Velez-Malaga.


Wedding Food Station Ideas for 2016

Wedding Food Stations – have really taken off at weddings over the past year or two and it is not difficult to see why. After all, the wedding day can be quite a long day and it’s lovely to be offered some nibbles throughout the day or as a late night sack. Enter wedding food stations, the latest wedding trend to take hold. Whether you choose wedding food stations for an after ceremony or cocktail hour snack or simply a late night treat, you can create a fabulous food table to suit all your guests. Here are a few favourites:-

Cheese, Chutney & Fruit Bar – The cheese and chutney bar is basically a variation on the existing cheeses tower cake theme, but still just as popular and made to look just as stunning.

Pies and tartlets Bar – A lovely idea, perfect for any wedding, a pie bar is the ultimate treat. Serve slices from large pies or have a selection of mini pies or pie pops. You could also add jugs of cream to really spoil your guests.

Fruit & Veggie Bar – For the health conscious this attractive selection of fruits, vegetables and dips has to be a winner, the colour combinations look fabulous too.

Cake / Dessert / Cookie Tables – A huge hit at many of our recent weddings, as cake and dessert tables are fast becoming a firm favourite for both couples and guests alike. Many couples are now choosing these in place of a traditional dessert so there is lots of choice for everyone. Choose an assortment of cakes in various flavors and sweet treats such and cake pops, brownies and cupcakes for your guests to choose from.

D.I.Y. Cupcake Table – Provides entertainment as well as sustenance for your guests. Offer a selection of non decorated cupcakes in various flavours, a choice of buttercream frostings and an array of interesting toppings, and let your guests do the rest. These appeal to all ages bringing out the creative flare in everyone – they are a lot of fun too.

Sweet Bars and Candy Buffets an old favourite – Perfect for a sweet treat throughout the day, in place of traditional desserts or as a take home midnight snack, sweet bars and buffets have come a long way from when they first started appearing at weddings, they have now become quite a focal point at a wedding reception.

Popcorn Station – Popcorn looks set to become one of the hottest new treat trends at weddings this year. A perfect little light snack, popcorn can be served at any time of the day from post ceremony or better yet, as a late night treat after a few dances!

Dessert Tables

Dessert Bars are becoming a popular choice for many weddings this year, as our couples are looking for alternatives to the traditional style iced wedding cake. If you would like to wow your guests then opt for this less conventional style and treat your guests to a dessert table. Not only do these tables satisfy guests’ sugar cravings but they can be decorated to suit any theme or wedding style, they will certainly add personality to your wedding reception and be a talking point for months after!

Choose from a selection of mouth watering sweet sensations – macaroons, delicious cheese cakes, homemade fruit flans, or even incorporate a particular favourite of your own, you can always have a small cake for cutting as a table centre if you wish.

Use colour, vintage props, bunting, quirky cake stands, crates or boxes, pom poms, balloons or flowers and greenery to create a bespoke style of your own.

So go on indulge your guests with a dessert wedding table, or if you need help and guidance then contact us for more info and advice at or via our FB Page– Wedding Cakes In Spain.

Fake It

Fake Cakes

These are a fabulous idea if you would like to have a show stopper of a cake but have fewer guests than a large cake feeds. Then choose a fake cake! The lower tiers ( or all the cake if you prefer) of the cake can be made up of a pre-shaped polystyrene dummy the upper tiers can be made in your choice of edible cake. The polystyrene dummies are available in a variety of shapes – round, square, heart, petal, and hexagonal – still offering you versatility and choice with your wedding style and shape.

All the tiers, be they false or edible can be decorated to create a wonderful showstopping centrepiece. These are a perfect way to still have a sensational cake at a fraction of the cost of a totally edible cake. For further guidance or help in choosing your cake – false or edible, please feel free to contact us at or visit our website – or Pinterest Page – Wedding Cakes In Spain for lots more ideas and inspiration.


Chocolate Biscuit (or Tiffin) Cake

Chocolate Biscuit / Tiffin – This is a definite must for any chocoholics out there and is a choice that has proved to be very popular with the Irish brides we have made wedding cakes for over the years. The rich combination of chocolate, marshmallow and biscuit are simply irrisistable.To add a bit of excitement to your biscuit cake you could always add   ‘Crunchie’, ‘Maltesers’ or even ‘Dime Bar’ – totally indulgent, but so delicious!

Once you have had one piece you will be unable to resist going back for more…don’t worry you can dance off those extra calories later!

Chocolate Biscuit Recipe ( To make approx 6″ round cake ) You will need to recalculate the recipe if your tins are larger.

INGREDIENTS: 250g Crushed Biscuits ( either Rich Tea or Digestive or a mixture);  250g Butter/Marg;  2 tablespoons Golden Syrup;  250g Milk Chocolate;  100g Marshmallows;   200g Sugar;  100g Cornflakes (optional);  100g Dessicated Coconut.

METHOD: Place butter, sugar, syrup and chocolate in a pan and heat gently until all the ingredients are melted, be careful not to boil. Remove from the heat.

Add in to the mixture the crushed biscuit, marshmallow, cornflakes and coconut if using. Mix together well. Pour into the cake tine and press down. Allow to cool, place in fridge for 2/3 hours so the biscuit cake goes hard. Remove from the fridge and take out of the tin.




Dare to go Bare?

Naked (or bare) cakes are a delicious wedding cake option allowing the sponge and filling layers to show. To the cream filling we add lots of fresh fruit, so the cake is simply bursting with flavour. The cake does not have to be a plain victoria sponge, the sponge can be made in any favour or colour. The cakes can be decorated with fruit, flowers, greenery or basically anything you want, they are so versatile. They can be displayed on a vintage cake stand, crate wooden log, the list is endless.

You may even choose ‘naked’ mini cakes, instead of cupcakes, or have small naked cakes to act as centrepieces for your guests on each table to share amongst themselves. Decorate with a table number, flowers or mini bunting.. this is a fabulous idea and will go down a treat!

These cakes definitely have the ‘Look’ that look simply delicious and just have to be eaten! – see our Pinterest Board for lots more photos and ideas.

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