Croquembouche (1)

We have been commissioned to make these highly successful creations on a number of occasions, as a substitute for the more traditional wedding cake, so I thought this would be a good place to start our ‘alternative wedding cake’ blogging series.

The name of this decadent dessert is derived from the phrase – ‘crack in the mouth’. This traditional French dessert consists of cream filled choux pastry puffs, piled into a cone, held together with chocolate and/or spun sugar, we use both. The cream filled choux pastry cones are held together using melted chocolate, once the cone has been constructed and the chocolate allowed to cool and harden it is decorated with hot molten caramel that reinforces and holds the structure together. It is a stunning showstopper for any occasion, particularly a wedding and is a creation that is as fabulous on the palette as it is to the eye.