Naked (or bare) cakes are a delicious wedding cake option allowing the sponge and filling layers to show. To the cream filling we add lots of fresh fruit, so the cake is simply bursting with flavour. The cake does not have to be a plain victoria sponge, the sponge can be made in any favour or colour. The cakes can be decorated with fruit, flowers, greenery or basically anything you want, they are so versatile. They can be displayed on a vintage cake stand, crate wooden log, the list is endless.

You may even choose ‘naked’ mini cakes, instead of cupcakes, or have small naked cakes to act as centrepieces for your guests on each table to share amongst themselves. Decorate with a table number, flowers or mini bunting.. this is a fabulous idea and will go down a treat!

These cakes definitely have the ‘Look’ that look simply delicious and just have to be eaten! – see our Pinterest Board for lots more photos and ideas.