Wedding Food Stations – have really taken off at weddings over the past year or two and it is not difficult to see why. After all, the wedding day can be quite a long day and it’s lovely to be offered some nibbles throughout the day or as a late night sack. Enter wedding food stations, the latest wedding trend to take hold. Whether you choose wedding food stations for an after ceremony or cocktail hour snack or simply a late night treat, you can create a fabulous food table to suit all your guests. Here are a few favourites:-

Cheese, Chutney & Fruit Bar – The cheese and chutney bar is basically a variation on the existing cheeses tower cake theme, but still just as popular and made to look just as stunning.

Pies and tartlets Bar – A lovely idea, perfect for any wedding, a pie bar is the ultimate treat. Serve slices from large pies or have a selection of mini pies or pie pops. You could also add jugs of cream to really spoil your guests.

Fruit & Veggie Bar – For the health conscious this attractive selection of fruits, vegetables and dips has to be a winner, the colour combinations look fabulous too.

Cake / Dessert / Cookie Tables – A huge hit at many of our recent weddings, as cake and dessert tables are fast becoming a firm favourite for both couples and guests alike. Many couples are now choosing these in place of a traditional dessert so there is lots of choice for everyone. Choose an assortment of cakes in various flavors and sweet treats such and cake pops, brownies and cupcakes for your guests to choose from.

D.I.Y. Cupcake Table – Provides entertainment as well as sustenance for your guests. Offer a selection of non decorated cupcakes in various flavours, a choice of buttercream frostings and an array of interesting toppings, and let your guests do the rest. These appeal to all ages bringing out the creative flare in everyone – they are a lot of fun too.

Sweet Bars and Candy Buffets an old favourite – Perfect for a sweet treat throughout the day, in place of traditional desserts or as a take home midnight snack, sweet bars and buffets have come a long way from when they first started appearing at weddings, they have now become quite a focal point at a wedding reception.

Popcorn Station – Popcorn looks set to become one of the hottest new treat trends at weddings this year. A perfect little light snack, popcorn can be served at any time of the day from post ceremony or better yet, as a late night treat after a few dances!