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February 2016

succulent | Search Results | Erica O’Brien Cake Design | Cake Blog

Source: succulent | Search Results | Erica O’Brien Cake Design | Cake Blog

We have just been commissioned to create a cake for a bride that has asked for her cake to be decorated with sugar succulents…mmm.  This is a first, – so decided to seek inspiration online from the Erica O’Brien blog where there are some fantastic examples of sugar succulents to choose from. Thank you Erica O’Brien they look stunning and have certainly given me something to think about and work with.


Ablaze in Orange

Yesterday was our first wedding of the season, where we were happy to be part of the vow renewal ceremony for  Trish & Ian. The sun shone down from the glorious blue sky for the ceremony held outside on the Sunset Beach promenade, despite an icy wind blowing in off the mediterranean! The wedding breakfast followed indoors, where the theme was a glorious burnt orange. The room ‘Sala Malaga’ looked beautiful, the chairs, table decorations and cake all co-ordinating perfectly.

The cake was a brandy soaked rich fruit cake decorated with orange sugar roses and trimmed with matching orange hessian. It was displayed on an upcycled candlestick sprayed in copper tones to compliment the burnt orange colour scheme.

The gorgeous gerbera table centres and wedding flowers were styled by the wonderful florist Shona – from Bunches in Fuengirola.

Leopard Print Sponge Cake

Today was a baking day, included in my edible agenda was a practice run at an animal print sponge cak20160224_130217[1]e. No it was not a cake I just decided to make. We have a had a request for a weeding cake made in animal print sponge, so never having made this type of cake before decided it would be a good idea to have a dummy run, to see how it went and to ensure we get it right on the day!

The result was not too bad for a first attempt, there are one or two minor adjustments to be taken into account when making the actual cake, but generally quite a straightforward cake to make:-

You will Need:

6″ round cake tins x 2 greased and lined with baking parchment

x3 large round ended piping nozzles

x3 piping bags

Black & brown food colouring



Using the basic victoria sponge recipe of 3 eggs, 170g sugar, 170g butter/marg, 170g S.R       flour. Cream the butter & sugar, slowly add the egg, then fold in the flour.

Divide the mixture into x4 parts; x1 part colour black and place in a piping bag with large round ‘writing’ nozzle; x1 part colour brown and place in a piping bag with large round ‘writing’ nozzle; the remaining x2 parts leave as they are and again place in a piping bag with large round ‘writing’ nozzle.

  1. Using the non coloured mix cover the  base of the tin with cake mix.
  2. Using the black cake mix pipe a circle on top of this approx 1cm from the side of the cake tin.
  3. Using the brown cake mix pipe a circle directly onto the black circle. Now pipe another black circle on top of the brown.
  4. Fill in the remaining space to bring the mix to a level with non coloured batter.

Repeat steps 1 – 4 except this time pipe a smaller circle.

Now repeat the whole process for the other tin.

Place the tin in the oven and bake on 180 fan for 20-25 mins




Pretty Fan Labels

Following on from my blog yesterday highlighting the benefits of fans as wedding favours; I thought this would be a great opportunity to share with you these pretty labels I found in a ‘high street’ store a short while ago. My favourite has to be the whimsical vintage design ( single photo), having said that I think they are all really pretty and would make fabulous personalised tags to be attached to fans.

Don’t worry,  your message can still be printed off on a separate sheet of paper and attached to the reverse side. I love them, hope you do too !


Pretty sandlewood fans are a such fabulous practical favour choice, particularly here in sunny Spain. The neutral wooden ribbed fans have a pretty decoration which can then be decorated to suit any wedding theme or colour scheme. Some of the popular embellishments that we have used to decorate fans with range from organza ribbon, silk rose buds, lace, silk flowers, pretty fabric prints and hessian. The above photos highlight some of our recent designs.

Should you decide you want to add a personal touch, the fans can be personalised with a matching printed tag with your own choice of wording.

If you would like to order fans as favours for your wedding here in Spain then please contact us via or visit our website

Crafty Cake Pedestal

Cake stands are not only an essential element to presenting a cake, they can also become costly, particularly when they ‘evaporate’ into the ether of large hotels and are never seen again. So putting on may crafty head on and scouring the ‘Super Barato’ stores I made this pretty glass pedestal. It was super easy, and at 2.70 euros each, it is not such a big deal when they go missing.

Crafty Cake Pedestal

How to make a pretty glass cake pedestal. You can choose to leave the stand as it is or spray in your choice of colour. This stand looks so stunning and will cost you a fraction of the price you would pay for a very similar one in the shops. In fact I costed this one out at 2.70 euros!

You will need:-

Glass plate – approx 20 – 25cm diamter

Small glass Bowl

Epoxi glue

Spray paint


Step 1. Stand the glass bowl upside down and place the glue on the base of the bowl.


Step 2. Place the glass plate on top of the bowl, making sure the bowl sits in the centre of the plate.

Step 3. Leave to dry for 1-2 hours.

finished     or     white

Step 4. Spray with your chosen colour of spay paint.

There you have it, so easy, go on have a go.

Eton Mess Cake

Inspired by the classic dessert, this Eaton Mess Cake combines crisp meringues, sweetened cream, fresh berries – layered between a light and airy sponge cake. A refreshing dessert for spring and summer celebrations.

Source: Eton Mess Cake

Boda Boutique News

Today was quite exciting as the post lady delivered our new ‘Boda Boutique’ photo books. These books have been carefully created with help from the online company Photobox. Where we have brought together a collection of our popular creations, both cakes and decorations, in order to showcase our work to customers.


If you are in the area pop along to visit us at our showroom Boda Boutique, (Junto a bar Mirlo) 29700 Velez-Malaga.

Stunning Stands

Our last blog looked at displaying cupcakes, today we thought we would continue along this theme and share with you our ideas for displaying your wedding cake. Displaying the finished cake is almost as important as the making and decorating, it would be a shame to simply sit the cake on a table when so much thought and planning has been given to the cake itself.

There are so many different ways in which you can display your finished creation that will really create that WOW factor for your wedding cake centrepiece. Here are one or two ideas for you to think about; many cake designers like ourselves provide a cake stand along with the cake, free of charge, or they can be hired from us if you have a cake that has not been ordered with us.

• A bespoke piece of furniture such as a chest of drawers or old recycled table
• Wooden crates – decorated with fabric or burlap
• Hat boxes – these are fabulous for displaying cakes
• Restyled wooden pallets
• Tree trunk slices
• Various cake pedestal styles / colours
• Upturned glassware
• Floral decoration

The list is endless …… why not check out our Pinterest board – ‘Cake Stand Ideas’ for more ideas and inspiration.

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