Cake stands are not only an essential element to presenting a cake, they can also become costly, particularly when they ‘evaporate’ into the ether of large hotels and are never seen again. So putting on may crafty head on and scouring the ‘Super Barato’ stores I made this pretty glass pedestal. It was super easy, and at 2.70 euros each, it is not such a big deal when they go missing.

Crafty Cake Pedestal

How to make a pretty glass cake pedestal. You can choose to leave the stand as it is or spray in your choice of colour. This stand looks so stunning and will cost you a fraction of the price you would pay for a very similar one in the shops. In fact I costed this one out at 2.70 euros!

You will need:-

Glass plate – approx 20 – 25cm diamter

Small glass Bowl

Epoxi glue

Spray paint


Step 1. Stand the glass bowl upside down and place the glue on the base of the bowl.


Step 2. Place the glass plate on top of the bowl, making sure the bowl sits in the centre of the plate.

Step 3. Leave to dry for 1-2 hours.

finished     or     white

Step 4. Spray with your chosen colour of spay paint.

There you have it, so easy, go on have a go.