cup sign1

It is always a challenge to come up with different ways and ideas of displaying our edible showstoppers.  For the wedding today Natalie opted for a natural butterfly themed cupcake display. Set amidst the tropical gardens at Casa de los Bates, this was a perfect choice.

cup shelf

Displaying the cupcakes on a standard round cupcake tower stand, just didn’t seem to cut the mustard for todays wedding somehow; so having spotted these delightful display steps in the Casa sale a few months ago, I decided that they would be the perfect prop for displaying Natalies’ cupcakes today.

cup top

Large sugar roses sat at the base of the top tier as decoration, which was set just to the side of the cupcake display on a matching crate. The cupcakes, set out on the shelves where decorated with smaller sugar roses. Butterfly cupcake wrappers, attractive signage, gypsophila and pretty fabric were used to create this butterfly cupcake showpiece.