With Christmas, New Year and sadly our own annual holiday now behind us it is time to take a look at the year ahead with some helpful hints on what will be ‘baking’ in our wedding cake oven for this years brides.

The Naked Cake:- These have grown in popularity over the past years and look set to be taking centre stage again at many forthcoming weddings in 2017. With tiers that lay bare just oozing with heaps of fresh fruit and cream – what is not to love about these cakes? You can almost taste the cake just by looking at it. Last year we introduced our naked mini cakes, a dainty yet sophisticated alternative to a traditional tiered naked cake, but, with a little more chic and style than a cupcake!


Cheese Cake Towers:- A perfect choice for those cheese lovers among us and yet another very popular choice of cake for 2017. The selection of Spanish cheeses that can be supplied in an array of flavours, textures and colours and are decorated to compliment your wedding theme with either fruit or flowers. These cakes are a brilliant idea for any brides looking at providing a late night snack as they are supplied with chutneys and crackers – so there will be plenty of choice for any of your hungry guests to snack on.

cheeses rebecca

Lots of Lace: Definitely influenced by the ever popular T.V series –  Downton Abbey,- lace wedding cakes are in a league of their own, they are stunning, beautiful and like ‘Lady Mary’ herself proffer a  sophisticated elegance. Certainly a sophisticated choice of cake designed to sweep your breath away.


Faking It: As with many things in life a wedding also has a budget and this will almost always affect the choice of cake, as the cake is often one of the last things to be ordered. However, not to worry, you may still be able to have a showstopping centrepiece even with a limited budget.  This can be achieved by supplementing some of the cake tiers with fake tiers – yes they still have to be decorated, but are certainly much cheaper than the having your whole cake made of an edible cake. Cake wastage which can also be an issue is seriously curtailed by choosing a fake tier(s) cake option. An all round winner … and looking like a very popular choice for the year ahead.

For more help and guidance in choosing your perfect cake please contact us at info@weddingcakesinspain.co.uk or visit our website www.weddingcakesinspain.co.uk where we will be only too happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.