Q: When is a Cake Not a Cake


A: When it is a Mug Cake..??

All you need to create this ‘cake’ is a mug, water and a microwave. If you are happy to eat the cake out of a mug then that’s fine, but if like me you prefer a little more decorum when eating cake – served on a plate with lots of delicious chocolate fudge filling oozing out then maybe not.

It is certainly not difficult to make, this ‘Dr Oetker’ product – simply follow the instructions on the side of the sachet followed by a 3 min stint in the microwave, and there you have it – EASY and if you are happy to self indulge great, because this is certainly not the cake for sharing. How would this be possible…how many spoons can you fit into a mug in one go??

Taste Test Verdict

This is where my Food Science/Technology background comes into play. I chose to try out the chocolate flavour, as mentioned above the instructions a very straightforward and easy to follow. The end result was quite pleasant,  generally the cake was moist with a strong chocolate flavour, the cake was dark and rich in colour and it smelled great, (albeit during  the 3mins in the microwave!) but the texture I found just a little too rubbery.

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All in all not a bad product but let’s be honest if you choose to make a cake, do the job properly, in the traditional fashion mix together the eggs, sugar butter and flour place in a conventional oven, …. be sure to bake one large enough to share with friends!