Choosing a Wedding Cake

So…you have seen the cake design that you have dreamed of but are not quite sure where to go from here, whether the cake you like will be large enough to feed all your guests or perhaps too large for the number of guests you need to feed. A wedding cake is too expensive to go to waste so it is important to get the balance right – have the cake you desire, with enough to go around and no or very little waste.

Here are a few tips for you to consider when choosing wedding cake to suit your wedding:-

1.) Size Matters:  An important point to note when ordering your cake is that not all guests will eat cake, after all most will have been well fed and watered for most of the day and have very little room left for cake! A general rule is to cater for two thirds of your guests, so for a wedding party of 100 you need to be thinking about a cake that feeds in the region of 60 – 65 people unless you are planning on serving the cake for dessert  – ( -then see point

2.) Dessert or Toast:  Decide whether your cake is going to feature on your menu as a dessert choice or be served with a glass of bubbly to toast the happy couple. A dessert portion will have to be larger than a toasting portion, you will also have to provide enough cake to feed all your guests.

The guide below gives an indication of cake size, shape and yield:-

Wedding Cake - yield, shape & size guide
Wedding Cake – yield, shape & size guide

3.) Cake Shape:  Different shaped cakes do in fact yield a different number of portions, so check out the guide above to give you an idea of the portions you can hope to serve from round and square cakes.

4.)Day-After Party:  This is a fail safe way to eat up any left over cake. If you are planning an intimate gathering the day after your wedding, be it for a beach brunch or BBQ  this is the perfect opportunity to serve any spare cake.

5.)Fake -It:  You have set your heart on  a show stopper 5 tier cake but realise this will provide far too much cake for the number of guests attending your wedding. Don’t worry we have the answer..simply substitute one or more of your cake tiers for polystyrene cake. The fake tiers can be decorated exactly the same as the edible tiers, nobody will know the difference – your secret!

6.) Budget: Saving the most important point until last, your cake budget.  As with all things even wedding planning has a budget, so too does a cake. Follow our – ‘Budgeting for your Wedding Cake’ – blog coming up next.