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April 2017

Real Weddings – Kiera & Mark

Gold & Blush Cake Treats


Silly though it may seem I always get over excited when I am asked to supply a cake & treats table for a wedding, as this is where edible inspiration tends to take over. Given a brief of “lots of pearls, roses, soft pink, gold with a hint of vintage” I set to work.


To begin with I created some pretty bespoke gold bespoke cupcake wrappers and petal cones to add texture and a splash of gold to the table. Added to this were a couple of candlesticks I picked up at a local flee market that I sprayed gold – these added height to the table as well as colour.


The five tier cake was accompanied by one or two other delightful treats. Raspberry & white chocolate cupcakes decorated with vintage sugar broaches, together with choc-chip cake-pops drenched in white chocolate then dusted with gold dust.

‘Love’ was sprinkled over the table using letters and signage…


…and finally my dear friend Shona provided the beautiful fresh roses, and rose petals to add the finishing touch to the table.



Easter Bunnies

As it is Easter Sunday I thought this would be an opportune moment to showcase these cheeky chaps. Baked and created for a little Easter fun!


Buttercream Wedding Cake

Buttercream Wedding Cake
Buttercream Wedding Cake

Buttercream decorated wedding cakes quite simply make a statement all on their own of their own – ‘Eat me’.

This understated yet classic cake had a contrasting interior of sharp raspberries alongside chunks of sweet white chocolate – creating a marriage made of moist sponge. This was then covered with lots of delicious buttercream from top to toe…mmmm to die for !

Macaroon Moments

Macaroon Wedding Moments

Macaroon Wedding Cake
Macaroon Wedding Cake

Macaroons are such tasty treats that are a great idea to tempt your guests with. You could opt for macaroon wedding favours or simply choose a macaroon wedding towers as an alternative to the m ore traditional wedding cake.


If you are thinking of having macaroons at your wedding then contact us for more details and information on Or take a quick look at our website for more lovely wedding ideas and inspiration –

Opulent Orange

Yesterday Karen & Daryl said their ‘I do’s’ in the warm April sunshine here in Spain. Karen chose a bold colour scheme of bright orange and silver with stunning ‘Birds of Paradise as her wedding flower choice.

The cake choice was a selection of silver and orange cupcake shoes, displayed on a shoe boxes to match.

Wedding Flowers by Shona
Wedding Flowers by Shona


Easy Easter Cake


KitKat Easter Cake
KitKat Easter Cake

It is Easter later this month so what better way to celebrate than with this Cute Easter Bunny Cake. Please do not be put off if you are not a cake maker or decorator as this recipe is super easy, once you have made this cake I’m certain you will want to do more!! Make it a showstopper centrepiece for your table this Easter.  Buy or make your sponge cake in you chosen flavour and decorate as follows:-

To Decorate you will need:

Kit Kat x 2 packs

KitKat Easter Cake

X1 Pack of chocolate covered wafer balls, Cadbury’s mini eggs, or maltesers – they work just as well.

Pretty Ribbon – optional

1.)  Cream the icing sugar and butter with spoon, add the cocoa powder and stir in the milk, then beat a little longer until the buttercream is smooth and spreadable

2.) Spread two thirds of the mixture over one of the cakes, place second cake on top.

3.) Use remaining mixture to coat around the top & outside edge of the cake.

4.) Open the KitKat and separate each finger and stick to the outside of the cake

5.) Stick chocolate eggs or balls onto the top of the cake.

KitKat Easter Cake
KitKat Easter Cake


Making the sugar Bunny:

1.) Using the white fondant icing make the following – x1 large ball for the body ( golf ball size) x 2 small balls for the feet (almond size) x1 small ball for the bobble tail (malteser size) – roll on a cheese grater to get a rough finish.

2.) Colour a small piece of white icing with a tiny drop of red colouring to make the pink paw pads.

3.) Make a small amount of royal icing by adding a little water to icing sugar.

4.) Shape the feet into an oval, add pink paw pads by rolling out x6 tiny pink balls – see photo. Stick on the pink balls to the base of the feet.

5.) Stick on the bobble tail and feet to the body, then attach the body to the cake using a little leftover buttercream. Add in a pair of ears if you are feeling creative!

Bunny Bits

7.) Finish off by tying a pretty ribbon around the outside edge of the cake.

Food Allergens

Food Allergens and their Importance in Cake Making

Recent  EU legislation regarding food allergens and the appropriate labelling of foods was a topic that crossed my doorstep earlier this week, following a visit for my local Health Officer.  As I regard this matter with considerable importance I felt it appropriate to share with you the main issues regarding food allergens particularly when it comes to cake baking..

The visit along with the usual box ticking formalities focused primarily on the 14 most common registered food allergens that feature widely in our food chain.  For many of us foodies the 14 suspects on this list will be common knowledge, but nevertheless it never does any of us any harm to refresh and refocus on foodstuffs we may use on a daily basis that could be potentially lethal if not handled correctly.

The Important 14 and where to find them.  On the list below have indicated ingredients applicable to cake makers as follows. ** = Food allergens popular in cake making;  * Food allergens less popular in cake making

  1. ** Wheat flour and wheat based products – everyday wheat flour, and processed foods and sauces.

2.) Celery – can be found in processed foods and possibly ready meals.

3.) Crustaceans – prawns, crab, lobster

4.) **Eggs

5.) Fish

6.)  *Lupin Beans – found in processed foods and possibly pre-mixes

7.)  ** Milk

8.) Shell fish

9.) Mustard

10.) * Cashew nuts

11.) * Peanuts

12.) * Sesame – found in seeds and oil

13.) Soya – commonly found in processed foods such as stews, soups & sauces

14.)  ** Sulphites commonly found in alcoholic beverages, jams and preserves

So remember it is of the utmost importance to:-

  • store and label raw ingredients correctly
  • Operate a thorough wash, rinse & sanitise routine in your kitchen
  • Maintain a high standard of personal hygiene at all times
  • Package the cake or end product carefully & correctly
  • Notify the customer of any food allergen ingredients in the finished product

I realise in many cases I am preaching to the converted but nonetheless feel this is an important issue that as food handlers we should all be very aware of.

Thank you for reading x

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