KitKat Easter Cake
KitKat Easter Cake

It is Easter later this month so what better way to celebrate than with this Cute Easter Bunny Cake. Please do not be put off if you are not a cake maker or decorator as this recipe is super easy, once you have made this cake I’m certain you will want to do more!! Make it a showstopper centrepiece for your table this Easter.  Buy or make your sponge cake in you chosen flavour and decorate as follows:-

To Decorate you will need:

Kit Kat x 2 packs

KitKat Easter Cake

X1 Pack of chocolate covered wafer balls, Cadbury’s mini eggs, or maltesers – they work just as well.

Pretty Ribbon – optional

1.)  Cream the icing sugar and butter with spoon, add the cocoa powder and stir in the milk, then beat a little longer until the buttercream is smooth and spreadable

2.) Spread two thirds of the mixture over one of the cakes, place second cake on top.

3.) Use remaining mixture to coat around the top & outside edge of the cake.

4.) Open the KitKat and separate each finger and stick to the outside of the cake

5.) Stick chocolate eggs or balls onto the top of the cake.

KitKat Easter Cake
KitKat Easter Cake


Making the sugar Bunny:

1.) Using the white fondant icing make the following – x1 large ball for the body ( golf ball size) x 2 small balls for the feet (almond size) x1 small ball for the bobble tail (malteser size) – roll on a cheese grater to get a rough finish.

2.) Colour a small piece of white icing with a tiny drop of red colouring to make the pink paw pads.

3.) Make a small amount of royal icing by adding a little water to icing sugar.

4.) Shape the feet into an oval, add pink paw pads by rolling out x6 tiny pink balls – see photo. Stick on the pink balls to the base of the feet.

5.) Stick on the bobble tail and feet to the body, then attach the body to the cake using a little leftover buttercream. Add in a pair of ears if you are feeling creative!

Bunny Bits

7.) Finish off by tying a pretty ribbon around the outside edge of the cake.