Wedding Cheese Cakes

You could say that we have had a pretty cheesy our wedding cheese cakes have certainly been a popular choice over the past few days.

They are a great idea if you are looking for something to feed your guests with later on in the evening when they are feeling that bit peckish – saving you the additional cost of paying for a late night snack!

Don’t be put off by thinking that a cheese cake will not compliment your wedding style. Our cheese towers can be decorated with fruit, roses, greenery, grapes, hessian, lace, the list is endless – check out this link to our cheeses page on our website  and find a huge selection of cheese cake styles and decoration ideas.

We offer an interesting cheese selection for you to choose from with something to suit most tastes:-

Wensleydale with cranberries or with mango & orange

Creamy Manchego Infused with Rosemary – this creamy mature is packed with flavour, the distinctive rosemary infusion is exquisite.

Various Traditional Manchego cheeses. These cheeses are very similar to an English cheddar ranging from a mild and creamy to the more mature extremely palatable manchegos.

Danish Blue Cheese this strong smelly yet melt in your mouth cheese is not for the faint hearted.

English Stilton Another strong smelly cheese – a great option for cheese lovers

Brie This is a soft creamy off-white or yellow cheese with an edible rind, best eaten at room temperature so the cheese is soft and squidgy.

Some recent cheesy highlights for you to savour !