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Alternative Wedding Cakes

Your Wedding Cake Table

Edible Inspiration for Your wedding Cake Table

Cake tables are one of the latest edible trends at weddings this year. By opting for  a smaller cake and adding one or two other edible treats gives your guests a little more choice without blowing the budget. The cake table cane then be decorated with lots of pretty props which could include absolutely anything from candle sticks and photo frames to vintage suitcases, radios or typewriters.!  What ever your choice of decoration we will ensure your table looks fabulous and will be certain to get your guests talking and nibbling!

So if you are thinking along these lines and are interested in having a cake table at your wedding the here are one or two mouth watering ideas to tantalise your taste buds. For more ideas take a look at our website

Chocolate Malteser and Marshmallow Crunch – for those with a sweet tooth.

Cake table - choc bisc and malteser
Cake table – choc bisc and malteser

Raspberry & White Chocolate Cookies – so more-ish!

Cake Table Raspberry & White Choc Cooki
Cake Table Raspberry & White Choc Cooki

Colourful Macarons – a classic french treat

Cake Table - Macarons
Cake Table – Macarons

Lemon Flapjack – combining the sweet and sour, delicious

Cake Table - Lemon Flapjack
Cake Table – Lemon Flapjack

Cakepops – always a favourite

Cake Table - Cakepops
Cake Table – Cakepops

For the young at heart these cheeky chaps

Cake table - Gingerbread Men
Cake table – Gingerbread Men


Back to Nature

The Natural ‘Look’

A top trending cake decorating theme that is becoming increasingly popular this year is the more ‘natural’ wedding cake look. Not only is this a hot trend it is also a very cost effective way in which to decorate your cake.

Natural Wedding Cake
Natural Wedding Cake

A recent very simple yet beautiful cake we made for Daniel and Amy’s wedding last week highlighted perfectly the way in which local fauna which grows in abundance here together with a little imagination, can create a stunning cake.

If you are planning a wedding cake with this style in mind here are a few tips regarding suitable greenery that can be sourced and used for your cake or even  your venue.

Olive: The olive tree indigenous to this part of Spain is available in abundance. The colour of the leaf is a greyish green which makes this a good choice to decorate a cake providing back ground texture and colour. Harvested at the end of the summer the foliage will be covered with olives really adding character to any decoration.

Eucalyptus: The species of eucalyptus found in Spain provide dark grey/green leaves that provide excellent foliage in flower arrangements and cake decorating.Eucalyptus

Silk Tree: The fern type leaves of this tree are long and elegant providing soft green textured feel.fern

Rosemary: A woody herb with lots of small soft dark green needles adds wonderful texture when used to decorate a cake or cake table. It smells heavenly too.Rosemary

Spanish Broom: This wispy tree like shrub is a great option if you are wanting to fill space, it is ideal for decorating around the base of the cake.broom

Lavender: With or without the purple flower this soft attractive green leaved herb is certainly my choice for cake and venue particularly with its distinct aroma.


If you require any help or advice for your choice of cake decoration please do not hesitate to contact us on our contact page at

Real Weddings – Kiera & Mark

Gold & Blush Cake Treats


Silly though it may seem I always get over excited when I am asked to supply a cake & treats table for a wedding, as this is where edible inspiration tends to take over. Given a brief of “lots of pearls, roses, soft pink, gold with a hint of vintage” I set to work.


To begin with I created some pretty bespoke gold bespoke cupcake wrappers and petal cones to add texture and a splash of gold to the table. Added to this were a couple of candlesticks I picked up at a local flee market that I sprayed gold – these added height to the table as well as colour.


The five tier cake was accompanied by one or two other delightful treats. Raspberry & white chocolate cupcakes decorated with vintage sugar broaches, together with choc-chip cake-pops drenched in white chocolate then dusted with gold dust.

‘Love’ was sprinkled over the table using letters and signage…


…and finally my dear friend Shona provided the beautiful fresh roses, and rose petals to add the finishing touch to the table.


Macaroon Moments

Macaroon Wedding Moments

Macaroon Wedding Cake
Macaroon Wedding Cake

Macaroons are such tasty treats that are a great idea to tempt your guests with. You could opt for macaroon wedding favours or simply choose a macaroon wedding towers as an alternative to the m ore traditional wedding cake.


If you are thinking of having macaroons at your wedding then contact us for more details and information on Or take a quick look at our website for more lovely wedding ideas and inspiration –

Getting Naked

Naked Wedding Cake Styles

Still as popular as ever this year is the naked wedding cake, oozing with fresh fruit, cream and loveliness what is not to like about these cakes? Adding to the naked cake family we have introduced naked cupcakes and their sister cakes- naked minis..Oh so pretty!

If you are wondering what on earth I am talking about, a naked cupcake, again, bares all as it is simply topped off with a choice of available fresh fruit. The naked mini cake is a ‘mini-me’ version of the larger cake.  Choosing either of these options for a wedding cake  are certain to compliment most wedding styles, venues or themes, but most importantly they shout ‘eat me’. You will have very little waste if you opt for these edible delights at your wedding.

A traditional show of the naked mini.

Naked minis -wedding cake
Naked minis -wedding cake

Or perhaps you prefer a less conventional style of displaying your mini cakes.

Naked mini wedding cake
Naked mini wedding cake

A more traditional naked cake style

chocolate naked cake
chocolate naked cake


..And finally, you can even have naked cupcakes – here displayed using crates and pallets, adding accents of olive greenery and pretty babys breath.

Naked cupcakes
Naked cupcakes

For further details of our naked cake choices and flavour, please visit our website –

Novelty Wedding Cakes

Novelty Wedding Cakes

Add some fun to your wedding with a novelty cake. Ask your cake designer to design a bespoke wedding cake for you depicting a favourite, hobby or theme that you both share and enjoy.  Bespoke designs such as these make your cake that little bit more special when you add this unique & personal touch.

If you both enjoy travelling or have jobs that entail travel then a suitcase novelty cake may be the choice for you:-

Novelty Suitcase Wedding Cake
Novelty Suitcase Wedding Cake

Or perhaps you would like a cake to depict your top table wedding guests:

Wedding Top Table Cake
Wedding Top Table Cake

These are just a couple of ideas for you if this is the style of cake you may have in mind. Check out our website for more ideas and inspiration – or send us a photo of a particular theme or idea you would like and let us re-create this in your cake!

Fudge It!

Ultimate Homemade Fudge

I love making this delicious homemade fudge, the recipe is one I treasure from an old ‘Carnation’ recipe book from years ago, nowadays better know as Nestle!  Check out the link below for the ‘Ultimate Fudge Recipe’ recipe and lots more beside

ultimate fudge recipe

This is a super easy recipe and super delicious too. It makes a fabulous addition to to any wedding candy cart or dessert buffet, or alternatively can be popped into pretty boxes and given out as a wedding favour. I’m sure your guests will be delighted, however you choose to offer it.

Ultimate Fudge Recipe
Ultimate Fudge Recipe

2nd Anniversary

Boda Boutique Wedding Showroom – 2nd Anniversary

sign 1cover

Two years ago today after much blood sweat and tears dealing with local ‘officialdom’ and tradesman we were proud to open the doors of our new cake & wedding showroom here in Velez-Malaga, Spain.

Our shop, the official residence of ‘Wedding Cakes In Spain’ offers brides and customers the opportunity to peruse our portfolios and checkout out some of our exciting props & decorations; but most importantly sample some of our delicious cake flavours!

If you are planning a wedding here in Spain then look no further not only can we create your cake, we can also style your venue too.  Check out our website for more details. Please feel free to contact us to arrange a cake tasting consultation, we would love to hear from you.

Chocolate Fudge Brownie Tower

Brownie Tower – Another chocoholic dream cake. To construct this cake we used our traditional brownie recipe, to which we add either nuts, white chocolate chunks, truffles, mini fudge chunks, or even Dime bar. You can experiment with different fillings that you may wish to add..the list really is endless. Once the brownie has been made and allowed to cool it can be cut into manageable portions and stacked carefully on top of one another to create an eye catching brownie stack cake. Once finished you may wish to decorate with pretty flowers, fruit or simply dust with a little icing sugar.

Decadent Fudge Brownie Recipe

INGREDIENTS:  3 Eggs;  250g Sugar;  200g Dark Chocolate; 200g Butter;  110g Plain Flour:  100g of either white chocolate, walnuts, fudge pieces or any other filling you may want to try.

INSTRUCTIONS: Set oven to 180 degrees C fan to heat up.

1.) Line a baking tin (approx 25cm x 20cm) with oven proof paper.

2.) Whisk the sugar and eggs together until creamy and thick.

3.) Melt chocolate and butter in a basin over a pan of hot water.

4.) Mix together the chocolate and the eggs.

5.) Stir in the flour.

6.) Add your nuts or white chocolate etc..

7.) Pour into the baking tin.

8.) Bake close to the top of the oven for 30/35 mins.

9.) Remove from oven, place on a cooling rack and allow to cool before cutting into squares.

10.) If you are planning to construct a brownie tower you may need to make more than one batch of this recipe! Place the brownie squares on a plate and start to build. Once constructed you can then if you wish, dust lightly with icing sugar and decorate with flowers.







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