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Just for Cupcakes

2nd Anniversary

Boda Boutique Wedding Showroom – 2nd Anniversary

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Two years ago today after much blood sweat and tears dealing with local ‘officialdom’ and tradesman we were proud to open the doors of our new cake & wedding showroom here in Velez-Malaga, Spain.

Our shop, the official residence of ‘Wedding Cakes In Spain’ offers brides and customers the opportunity to peruse our portfolios and checkout out some of our exciting props & decorations; but most importantly sample some of our delicious cake flavours!

If you are planning a wedding here in Spain then look no further not only can we create your cake, we can also style your venue too.  Check out our website for more details. Please feel free to contact us to arrange a cake tasting consultation, we would love to hear from you.


How to Display Your Cupcakes?

Cupcake stands & displays to suit your wedding

Cupcakes are an increasingly popular alternative to a more traditional cake, more so today than ever. Although the basic cupcake remains the same, the way in which we display cupcakes has certainly changed.  As more and more weddings are styled and influenced by the latest trends, we have had to think outside the box a little when exploring ways to style and showcase our wedding cupcakes.

We are finding the more conventional cupcake stand to be much less popular being replaced by a more unconventional approach to cupcake styling and display.

We have plenty of styles to inspire and share with you for your cupcake display, take a look at some of  our exciting cupcake styling ideas. If you are thinking of cupcakes for your wedding and are uncertain as to how they may be incorporated into your wedding theme then contact us for more help and advice.

Getting creative with these cupcake displays using shelves

Cupcake displays using pallets and crates

Cupcake displays using ladders

Cupcake Ladders
Cupcake Ladders

Cupcake display using a plant stand !

Cupcake plant stand
Cupcake plant stand

Just For Cupcakes


We are excited to announce the launch of our new cupcake decoration range – ‘Just For Cupcakes’.  ‘ Just For Cupcakes’ specialise in pretty but different decorations for cupcakes.  Resulting from the plethora of cupcake decoration styles we have been asked to create over the years, this new range has been born.

Creating a ‘vintage feel’ using bunting is a tremendously popular and extremely pretty means of decorating a venue. This fashionable vintage style is so often replicated with the cake using pretty bunting once again as a form of decoration, particularly for the top tier.


We thought it would be a great idea to start by creating some mini bunting just for the cupcakes.  Our mini bunting has been styled taking into account all things wedding – hearts, flowers and traditional bunting triangles, creating the bunting in stylish wedding colours  –  resulting in these fabulously cute designs.


Our new range is called ‘Just For Cupcakes’ – from Boda Boutique and is available to purchase online via our FB page. The mini bunting is for sale in packs of 6 for €5 and is available in a huge selection of colours and designs, contact us for details or more information via the contact page on our website or email

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