This ‘scrumptalicious’ recipe is definitely one of my favourites and it is super easy to make. It is also a popular choice for many of our Irish brides and will regularly feature as an option withing their wedding cake.

The recipe is below, so go on give it a try…

choc crunch

Chocolate Biscuit Crunch

225g Butter or Margarine;  225g Milk Chocolate;  2 tablespoons syrup;  150g Sugar;   225g Rich tea biscuits – crushed;  60g Cornflakes – crushed;  60g Dessicated Coconut.

1.) Line a tin aprox 20 x 20 cm with greaseproof paper.

2.) Melt butter, sugar, syrup and chocolate in a pan DO NOT boil.

3.) Add remaining dry ingredients.

4.) Place in the prepared tin and press down.

5.) Place in the fridge to cool and set, before cutting.