Chocolate Biscuit / Tiffin – This is a definite must for any chocoholics out there and is a choice that has proved to be very popular with the Irish brides we have made wedding cakes for over the years. The rich combination of chocolate, marshmallow and biscuit are simply irrisistable.To add a bit of excitement to your biscuit cake you could always add   ‘Crunchie’, ‘Maltesers’ or even ‘Dime Bar’ – totally indulgent, but so delicious!

Once you have had one piece you will be unable to resist going back for more…don’t worry you can dance off those extra calories later!

Chocolate Biscuit Recipe ( To make approx 6″ round cake ) You will need to recalculate the recipe if your tins are larger.

INGREDIENTS: 250g Crushed Biscuits ( either Rich Tea or Digestive or a mixture);  250g Butter/Marg;  2 tablespoons Golden Syrup;  250g Milk Chocolate;  100g Marshmallows;   200g Sugar;  100g Cornflakes (optional);  100g Dessicated Coconut.

METHOD: Place butter, sugar, syrup and chocolate in a pan and heat gently until all the ingredients are melted, be careful not to boil. Remove from the heat.

Add in to the mixture the crushed biscuit, marshmallow, cornflakes and coconut if using. Mix together well. Pour into the cake tine and press down. Allow to cool, place in fridge for 2/3 hours so the biscuit cake goes hard. Remove from the fridge and take out of the tin.